This is an archive of the band profile for Northern Torch.

After a solo artist on the hunt for musicians and an up and coming band splitting up, Northern Torch was formed in early August 2010.

After getting into the final 60 outta 10,000 competitors of the Live and Unsigned Competition and playing in venues like Sheffield City Hall, and The Willows Centre, Manchester, to name a few, Brett Lee and his manager Shirley Leeks decided it was time to bolster the song writing and solo music by putting a band together.

After searching around for session musicians and having no luck, the ball starting rolling when a band named Apollo's Basement broke up due to band members going to Uni.

Apollo's Basement band members Stef (bass) and Tom (guitar) had recently joined the band and had played gigs with them in Hi-Fi Club, The Cockpit, Elbow Room, The Box, etc and were up for the challenge of working on a new project. Stef also works as a sound engineer with Ken at The Box, who was more then up for the challenge and was keen to play drums in the band.

After a few jams .. the rest is history in the making!!!

Band members:

Brett Lee (keys,vocals)
Tom Grant (guitar)
Stefan Wisniewski (bass)
Ken Bebb (drums).