This article was published in 2010.

The debut EP from Johnny Powell 'the broken leg sessions' is released this week on the Rural Colours label.

From Hebden Bridge and ex member of neo folkies The Dharma Bums, Johnny Powell's new solo project picks up where that band left off and runs headlong into a netherworld of found sounds and harrowing melodies. With a much more developed and settled voice, 'The Broken Leg Sessions' is a beautiful testament to the power of melancholy and madness, where songs like 'The Contributor' are so poignant it hurts. And scattered amongst the soulful emissions are strange and wonderful sounds - including pillow kicks, curtains being drawn, wallets flicking and, best of all, Sylvia Plath's graveyard- all of which evoke an atmosphere that is, at once, organic and eerie.

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