This is an archive of the band profile for The Canolas.

The Canolas formed in Leeds in 2010 initially under the name 'Canola Wonders'. They're a no nonsense blues/rock band that like to keep things simple, yet there's a technical edge to their musicianship. Drawing inspiration from both old school and modern blues, along with elements of classic rock, the sound this band delivers is all too hard to ignore. Driving raucous drums, coupled with equally impacting bass provide the listener with a foundational slab in which to keep their feet firmly planted, whilst an infectious fuzzy guitar spits out blistering blues riffs that threaten to officially shatter it. The only way to truly hear what this band can do is to see them in action. It's safe to say they won't disappoint.

The Canolas - Paul Ward (guitar/vocals), Steven Cole (bass guitar), John Anson (Drums/backing vocals).

"I look forward to seeing these guys live and hearing their next recordings. Go check em' out". - Hyde Park Heat Magazine.

"It's urgent, it's unfussy, and it damn well knows how to show you a good time". - James Williams, BlogJammin.