This is an archive of the band profile for Resonance.


Fouad - Rhythm Guitar
John - Bass
Jonny - Lead Vocal
Mark - Drums and Backing Vocals
Sean - Lead Guitar and Rhythm Guitar

"Resonance is a great name for the band, big sound, big energy, you are Resonance and need to be on a big stage..." Alan Raw (BBC Radio DJ)

"'Shaman' is the standout track displaying their ability to write catchy numbers which also showcase all five members' respective talents. However, it is when one especially catchy number melts seamlessly into Led Zep classic 'Whole Lotta Love' that you realise the full extent of the band's aptitude. Resonance are one of those rare groups where no-one is being carried; the set is well put together, the new single is excellent and it will be criminal if their 70s inspired rock doesn't find a large audience." Rebecca Atkinson, Leeds Music Scene

"Resonance play with an extraordinary energy from start to finish and engage the crowd, they are captivating and not just in the context of a local live music night." Richard Watson, Club 360

"Resonance, a melodic rock act who played with confidence, combining classic 70's inspired riffs with more dreamy 60's style melodies, all with a modern twist" Benny B, Safe Concerts

"As far as debut singles go, Sunset BLVD is a triumph. Resonance's debut is designed to stir up a storm. Pass on the word, tell your friends; this band are going to be breaking through." Jess Goodman, Leeds Scenester

Our music varies from heavy guitar-driven blues-rock, to a more alternative and progressive rock sound and we aim to create a style from the many influences that we have.

Exposure is a priority for us at the moment, after nearly a year together we are starting to build up a reputation and hopefully we can secure more gigs, in more venues, up and down the country doing what we love to do the most - playing live.

We recently released our debut single SUNSET BLVD with b-side GOTTA BE, after playing together as a 5 piece for nearly a year. Concentrating on the local area and also playing in Sheffield, Manchester and Doncaster, we are building a solid fanbase. Having recently played shows at The Cockpit, Club 360 @ The Library, The Well and other main venues to growing crowds, our aim is always to put on a captivating live show.

Resonance presented their debut single titled SUNSET BLVD in July 2011. Recorded and mixed by Whiskas (Forward Russia) and mastered by Bruce Wood of Touchwood Studios (The Cribs), the track is available from iTunes and Amazon..