This article was published in 2002.

Young bands from all over Leeds are invited to submit demos for Bright Young Things 2003, Leeds Leisure Services' annual music showcase. Bright Young Things will give fifteen local groups the opportunity to be featured on a unique CD to be released in March next year. Copies of the CD will be given away with the April edition of the Leeds Guide while hundreds of others will be sent to music industry and media contacts around the country. Yet more will be available free in unique promotions with Leeds-based press and media.

Bright Young Things has an outstanding record for finding new talent: previous winners include The Music and Star Bodixa. Rob Whinnett, Assistant Director of Leeds Leisure Services, said: "Bright Young Things finds new ways to help young bands develop every year, giving many talented musicians a chance of being promoted regionally and nationally. BYT will also help the bands reach new audiences here in their home city, which helps further develop the Leeds live music scene."

Demos should be submitted by Monday 9 December, and recording will commence in January, so for all those interested now is the time to act. All bands on the finished CD will benefit from the excellent studio package plus professional photography, great promotional back-up and increased web profile. Meanwhile, another aspect of Bright Young Things is educational, with all-comers welcome to workshops and music biz advice sessions to be announced for early next year.

Interested bands can get application forms and further information by calling (0113) 247 8234.