This article was published in 2002.

Panama Promotions have anounced that the Royal Park Cellars will be closed from 30th November to 15th December inclusive while the pub is re-furbished. All gigs scheduled for that period have been cancelled.

Although no work is to be done on the Cellars venue itself, the rolling prgramme of re-decoration and improvements on the ground floor of the pub could result in access to the Cellars being unavailable at any point during the two weeks. Steve Kind, in-house promoter for the venue, said:

"We're really sorry to have to cancel gigs at such short notice - but the closure is completely outside the control of either ourselves or the pub's management - the dates have been imposed on us by Six Continents Retail PLC who own the building. We'll be doing our best to re-schedule shows for the affected bands at the earliest possible date in the New Year"

The shows cancelled are:

Saturday 30/11 - The Starlets
Wednesday 04/12 - The Mingers / Indicator / Kavolchy / The Dregs
Friday 06/12 - Rebel Truce / Atomic / J.A.M.
Saturday 07/12 - Xi / NMINUS10 / Burst Rondo
Friday 13/12 - Lupine / Shadowsphere
Saturday 14/12 - Purple Desire / Chilli