This is an archive of the band profile for Diascorium.

Diascorium's line up was formed from current and ex-members of Reth, Narcosis, Tangaroa, Revokation, A Forest Of Stars, Morkret and more. Based in Leeds, UK, bassist Paul and guitarist Bond started writing songs December 2009, the line up came together with drummer Gaz and singer 'Bernard' joining February 2010, the first crop of gigs were May 2010 onwards, and now (November 2010) have already had supports to Desecration, Man Must Die, Magrudergrind, Bloody Phoenix, Stillbirth, as well as played the Damnation Festival, and upcoming have supports to Prostitute Disfigurement, Winterfylleth / Wodensthrone, and a load more gigs for 2011 booked in, including a proposed European tour in April.

Playing a full conglomeration of extreme metal styles, with black metal just holding the lion share, tons of death, tech, slam, doom, thrash, grind and ambient moments to keep all happy. According to the UK Metal Underground review:- '...this is a patch jacket with all your favourite bands on'..