This is an archive of the band profile for Geek.

Geek play short songs as quickly as possible, and leave a trail of broken instruments in their wake. They were a rock band before Rock Band. They split and reformed before it was fashionable. They style themselves like a University Challenge team. Disregarding the needs of conventional bands, Geek rehearse silently, and communicate only through hand-written notes.

Geek learned everything they know from dissolute old punks, themselves trained by rock 'n' roll kings of the caveman age. Eventually, the group hope to evolve into a fifteen-piece showband, complete with matching horn section and foxy backup singers, playing a residency in a Las Vegas casino. Plans to release poseable action figures, branded sportswear, and a range of fragrances are all being considered.

Driven by artistic passion and a desire for fabulous riches, Geek are always working on something new. Current projects include: making an album of immensely rocking tunes; being crowned Mario Kart champions of West Yorkshire; declaring their rehearsal space a free and independent state; learning jazz standards for that 'Later with...' appearance... Geek operate a 24hr a day helpline at