This is an archive of the band profile for Suicide By Cop.

Kaz Waye - vocals
Alec Marlow - guitar / vocals
Mick Dunn - keyboards
Steve Malley - bass guitar
Steve Ward - drums

Suicide By Cop are a 5-piece band from Bradford, UK. They play music which can best be described as post-punk/new wave rock. They have a plethora of influences between them and they have experience of playing a wealth of sounds in various past projects.

The idea for the band came about in late 2008. Alec Marlow and Steve Ward left their previous band Wild Trash and approached classically trained keyboardist Mick Dunn about setting up something which was still punk rock in essence, yet a bit more musical and lyrically creative in nature. Kaz Waye was then added to the mix with her powerful singing voice and after a couple of false starts, Steve Malley joined the fold with his goth style bass.

The band kicked off in January 2009 and they started playing sporadic local gigs in the March. Just over a year later, they recorded their debut EP "Dead Lines" with an official release party on 30th July, 2010..