This is an archive of the band profile for Chris Clyburn.

Chris Clyburn, was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne on a diet of Queen & Lindisfarne. He started singing at the age of 17 with Lindisfarne front man Billy Mitchells son Scott... In 1993 Chris moved to Leeds (He only went for a weekend) where he managed local band Visa, before forming Acoustic Duo Ellies Invite.

After the demise of Ellies Invite, Chris joined ill feited local band CMC. Leaving soon after to form Rebels Without Applause (Crap name, great band) Now with a solo album under his belt "EXCERCISE FOR THE DOG"

Chris has been a regular guest on BBC Radio Tees "The James Watt Show" as well as appearing on BBC Radio York/Tempo FM & Radio Leeds. He has also presented a Saturday afternoon Radio Show on local station 107.4Tempo FM., and now hosts a bi weekly new Sunday show .

Chris has penned over 30 New Demo's and is currently working on the follow up to his debut album.... with a 2011 release date. His single "Until The End" was re-released on March 1st as part of The Ordinary Man Project. He is also currently looking to recruit new members for a new band for 2011..