This article was published in 2011.

Anyone who knows anything about the great bues legend Blind Dead McJones knows that despite his amazing history and musical ability he is a hard man to get hold off.

Nobody knows this better than his Band who for the past three years have performed gigs around Leeds with and without him (mainly without). They have tried on several occasions to enter the studio with the great man to work on some new material but again have been let down, They have eventually got tired of wasting studio time and recorded without him, the result - 'Back to School Blues'.

Recorded at Touchwood studios in Hyde Park, guitar player Ben Buddy Slack stepped up for lead vocals in the absence of McJones and they have recorded a couple of the great man's own classics as well as a few they wrote themselves, including 'Hang on There Boys', a song made up of excuses McJones has given them in the past for missing various events, also including the line "make the people happy with a guitar intermission" described as "the best introduction to a guitar solo I've ever heard" by Joshua Lewis, Leeds Music Scene.

The Band, obviously nervous about recording without their front man, called in some help which came in the form of Blind Dead McMoose who helps out with the vocals on 'Tired' and Ben's old guitar teacher Al Bampton who joins the band for an extended blues jam on the title track.

Blind Dead McJones himself has listened to the E.P and has been quoted as saying, "Boys done good".

As promised McJones made an appearance at the sold out launch gig at the 360 Club at The Library, albeit briefly, to congratulate the boys rather then put on one of his signature performances.

The band has also recently featured on BBC Introducing and Leeds Student radio to perform live sessions and have had tracks played on Phoenix FM and ELFM.

The CD is available from iTunes and is being stocked by Jumbo and Crash Records in Leeds City Centre.