This is an archive of the band profile for Every:Dying:Moment.

Every:Dying:Moment are a five piece outfit from West Yorkshire. Whilst the band is still in its infancy, it is well on the way to major things. Influences come from all genres and all divisions of rock, anywhere from heavy metal to indie, with particular nods towards the 80's rock/sleaze era. E:D:M are aiming to be what the world needs more of at the moment, a straight forward hard/heavy sleaze-rock and roll band with no gimmicks.

The band was started by Dale Hooley (Rhythm Guitar) and Johnny Mackie (Lead Guitar).

The current line up was then completed by recruiting the great Dan Sugden (Bass), Micky Johnson (Lead Vocals) and Patrick Spillane (Drums), so then initial studio sessions began.

E:D:M are a band that truly want to push forward and reach for the stars, and are out to get noticed. Demos, live videos, and plenty of band pictures are available to view on the band MySpace.

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