This article was published in 2011.

After 3 years and half years of promoting events in Leeds, Cool Acoustics Promotions has announced that it is calling it a day.

David Anderson-Steel (a.k.a. Richard Steel) began Cool Acoustics as a moniker to use for 3 Oxjam fundraisers back in October 2007.

Since then there have been 28 consecutive acoustic nights, a number of band nights, and 10 charity fundraisers. As well as two DVDs.

Cool Acoustics has two more gigs to go. These last 2 nights will be on 20th January and 24th February and both are free entry.

January's line-up will be Lisa Marie Glover, recently seen in a small part in Emmerdale; George Linton; Jessica Lawson; Hey, Doris!; and headliner Louisa Osborn.

The February "farewell night" features Heather Woodhead; Jenni Noyes; Natasha Johansson, from 'Folk Off' radio; Amelia Orgill; and headliners Sarah Horn & James Cudworth.

Although Cool Acoustics will no longer operate, David Anderson-Steel has confirmed that he will continue to arrange charity fundraisers, with plans afoot to raise money for a children's hospice in Huddersfield, a breast cancer charity, and a women's aid domestic violence charity.