This is an archive of the band profile for As I Fall.

George MacDonald
Joe Stephenson
Charlotte Snowden
Jake Pollard

As I Fall as it appears now was started just before Christmas 2009 by Guitarist/Vocalist George MacDonald, Guitarist Joe stephenson, Bassist Charlotte Snowden and Drummer Jake Pollard. The roots of the band trace back to 'Annihilation', a death metal band, established in 2007 by original members George MacDonald, Joe Stephenson and Oliver Scott Laban. Other ex-'Annihilation' members include James Farrar and Josh Smith. As the death metal phase wore off and Pop-Punk came on the scene, we tried some covers of bands such as You Me at Six, and All Time Low, and found the music to be more enjoyable to play, and more suited to our undiscovered personal styles. This inspired songwriter George to write some up-tempo, catchy songs, and that seems to be the best thing that has ever happened to As I Fall, with the studio beckoning in February, and an album on its way, As I Fall have never been so happy playing together, and performing together..