This is an archive of the band profile for The Deratas.

Ollie Ross - Vocals / Harmonica
Ryan Tyrer - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ed Whelan - Rhythm Guitar
Dom Nevison - Bass
Chris Nevison - Drums

Formerly known as MILK, The Deratas take their name from the awe inspiring Max Ehrmann poem The Desiderata.

The Deratas are a five piece post-punk / indie band from Leeds who are gracefully tearing down the city walls.

Dark and psychedelic lead jangles through the raw and powerful undercurrent of the rhythm section creating a sense of pure rapture.

With catchy sing along anthems, and a diverse range of songs they could never be tarred with the 'they all sound the same' brush and could leave you bouncing off the walls with excitement one minute and reaching for the tissue box with emotion the next.

The band will never fail to deliver a powerful and energetic live show. So if powerful and energetic sound like two adjectives you would consider desirable to describe a live performance, then get down to a show. We look forward to meeting you....