This is an archive of the band profile for Echo Town.

An acoustic folk rock duo from England. They play upbeat feelgood songs about the good things in life as well as put across some important messages.

Richard (23) and Robert (20) are brothers and best friends.

They make up the two members of the band Echo Town. A third member of the band, Graeme Baxter often joins them for their shows. In order to promote their music, Echo Town travel around busking and performing in various cities.

On the street, Richard plays the acoustic guitar, Weissenborn lap slide guitar and a home made stomp box. Robert plays the drums and percussion with a unique street kit using a 100 year old suitcase as a bass drum. They play a collection of their own songs as well as numerous instrumentals, throwing in the odd not so well known cover. But most of the time they just jam and improvise because it's all about having fun and not being too serious.

Echo Town have released the five track EP "Ric & Rob: Waiting" available for purchase from the iTunes store, their website as well as Amazon. Search "Ric & Rob" on iTunes.

Ric and Rob are from Leeds and they travel around and play in a number of cities and towns and spread some good vibes. There's nothing that makes them happier than seeing smiling faces on the street as people sit and listen to what they play.

Their acoustic music is influenced primarily by Australian artists such as Xavier Rudd, The John Butler Trio, Ash Grunwald and The Beautiful Girls. They are also inspired by nature, surfing, good friends, good times and the good things in life..