This is an archive of the band profile for Vincent Massive.

Vincent Massive are a five piece alternative poppish rockish ruckus of a band who have cut their teeth on the Leeds music scene over the last two years, seeing line-up and name changes along the way they have now crystalised into their final form.

Since the beginning they have always been about interesting, original and exciting tunes. Catchy warm pop collides (violently) with clangy telecaster riffage, and electro doodle hooks on the keys. The big loud sax, banjo, kazoo, and whatever else they have lying around at home find their way into our tracks in places which surprise even them.

Their live set is a labrinth of crazy crap complete with a laptop which struggles to play pong, yet they thrash away with love, energy and a wide selection of unwise dance moves. When the electronic drums explode they practice our beat boxing. But at the heart of it all, they are just about good songs with good lyrics, songs that can be played on a one stringed ukelele and still be good.

We am Vincent Massive.

"Layering gorgeous guitars, moments of country influence, and somehow ethereal vocals ... we can't wait to hear more"
Tantrum Magazine.