This is an archive of the band profile for The Beaus.

the beaus are a British act from Leeds/Doncaster.
Their debut release "Cappuccino Swagger EP", was released by Circuit Records in June 2010.

The song Final Notice was picked to be on the "Festival Harvest" album by the promoters of Glastonbury and T-in-The Park.
The band's sound is often described as a mix of styles and influences including Punk, Hip Hop, Dub, etc.

Picked up by BBC6's Tom Robinson, Doya was invited to write songs in a Kent manor house alongside other emerging acts at the time such as CocknBull Kid.
Some of the lyrics written have appeared on songs played in early 2011.

The band were hyped as PRSforMusic's featured artist in January 2011.

the beaus are: Doya Beardmore, Daniel Nicklin and Mitchell Fenn.