This is an archive of the band profile for Thunder in Toytown.

Thunder in Toytown are a four piece band from Leeds playing a wide variety of covers, from band's such as The Who, The Jam, Oasis, all Britpop plus bits of Soul and Northern soul also and many more.

Focusing on great covers that people actually want to hear especially from the Brit Pop era and mainly British bands, but also with bits of soul & Northern in the mix, a great night is guaranteed.

Thunder in Toytown were formed in 1999 by Bass Player Mark to bring a different type of music to the scene instead of the same old rock covers and thin Lizzy bands, they split in 2001, they were seen as controversial playing covers that had never been heard before in pubs. Now they are back with a stronger line up than ever, Mark on blistering Bass riffs, Kev on Guitars, Lorne on the vocals and Rick on Drums and the same message, you do not have to listen to the same OLD rock covers every week.

Forget the Boys are back in town every week. Time to put some Thunder back in to the Toytown!.