This article was published in 2011.

The 2011 Census will be landing on doorsteps in March, and it is interesting to note how many people in Leeds list "musician" as their profession.

In the 2001 Census - 10 years ago - it was 1 in every 1,935 people in our city who claimed to be a professional musician. This compared to 1 in every 2,494 people in Bradford, 1 in 1,925 in Liverpool and just 1 in 831 across the Pennines in Manchester.

The census is a once-a-decade event that affects everyone in England and Wales and can be completed securely online through the census website, or on the paper copy posted out in March.

Things have changed for Leeds musicians since the last census in 2001, and the dynamics of the music scene in Leeds are different, not least with the increased usage of the internet and vastly improved download speeds.

Back in 2001 the Town & Country Club had only recently closed - now in 2011, and the O2 Academy has opened in its place.

Leeds Music Scene was a relatively young site ten years ago, and we now have over 2,000 active Leeds bands in our listings.

So what will the data gathered from the 2011 Census show? And will there be more professional musicians in Leeds this time around - get that form filled in, it will only take 10 minutes to do.