This article was published in 2011.

Buffalo Bones - Hell To Skeleton EP - Release date: 21st March

'Hell To Skeleton' is the debut release from Leeds based rock band Buffalo Bones. The self released four track EP is inspired by car crashes, dead end jobs and a loathing of jazz.

In January 2010 the first demo from Buffalo Bones was selected for a local compilation CD, before they ever played a gig, courtesy of The Rock & Roll Circus rehearsal rooms. The launch party for 'A Collection of Calamity' provided their stage debut, throwing the three piece headfirst into the mighty Leeds music scene alongside bands like Wonderswan, The Plight & Dinosaur PileUp from the studios. Since then they have built a website & an online presence, gaining support from people like Alan Raw at BBC West Yorkshire Introducing, and gigging across the north at venues like the Manchester Night n Day & the Sheffield Harley, whilst enjoying a few White Russians (the official band cocktail).

Taking inspiration from acts such as Queens of the Stone Age, Beck and The Dead Weather, Buffalo Bones make a bone crunching, earth quaking, hip shaking sound. Chris (21) conjures twisted space-blues from the guitar, Rob (22) blasts hypnotic bass grooves & Petter (22) beats the life out of his drums. They each developed their skills playing in bands in Bristol, Manchester & Vaasa - Finland respectively, and met on their first day of studying at Leeds College of Music. Once thrown into an ensemble together, they quickly bonded over a common goal "to strike out against the dirge of jazz-funk function bands coming from the college", and play a brand of music altogether more original, heavy and loud.

As frontman and principle writer of the trio, Chris channelled the emotions from his experiences of the last year into the bands' music. The feisty first track ('Exploder') is driven by the frustration of a dead-end job, injuries from Chris's car accident brought a heightened awareness of his health and near "obsession with the human skeleton" ('Silence Is Golden'), the accusations & malice that followed the crash revealed how people can react to such events ('Fix It With Money'), and the EP closes with track from the first demo that got them their first gig ('Left Before I Arrived').

EP track listing:
1. Exploder (3.25)
2. Silence Is Golden (3.33)
3. Fix It With Money (3.23)
4. Left Before I Arrived (4.20)

Upcoming shows:
27th Feb - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
11th Mar - Old Blue Last, London
12th Mar - Oakford Social, Reading
18th Mar - Santiagos, Leeds (EP launch)

'highly energetic and heavily distorted with a grunge influence prevalent throughout, Buffalo Bones sound interesting and relevant and are definitely one to watch.' No-TiTLE MAGAZINE

'Buffalo Bones blew me away with an audio assault of outright bedlam. Playing aggressive grunge/rock with screamingly hoarse vocals, good structure, great riffs and dedicated playing throughout.' SHEFFIELD SCENESTER

The band are seeking gig opportunities, press coverage & radio play to support the upcoming EP.

Contact the band:
07528 789 587