This is a review of "Redistribution of Stealth" recorded by Ludwig. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2002.

This first release from Ludwig has all the hallmarks of a band still finding their feet in a scene that is still fairly new to them. The 3 tracks all show some potential but equally the lack of control that will ultimately turn Ludwig's music from experimental electronica into great creative musical compositions. The potential comes from the many influences that are detectable, different for each track and the way in which Ludwig are quite prepared to mess about with their music and test the listener. There is Orbital at work here and even older stalwarts such as The Orb. There are the vaguest of hints of the Aphex Twin that if they were explored further would make a really interesting path to take.

The downfall to this CD is a simple lesson in creativity. Despite what most people think, being creative is not a simply a process of churning out many ideas and hoping by the laws of luck one of them is a belter. Creativity is something that must be worked at, bad ideas must be identified and removed, good ideas must be realised then nurtured, and only then, when you have something to work with can you really start to create. Ludwig are at the first stage, with many ideas and lots of enthusiasm. There now needs a backwards step to say "what do we keep here and what do we throw away?" It's the hardest thing to do, being objective, but if Ludwig can, then future releases should be something to look forward to.