This is a review of "Yeah Buddy" recorded by Pulled Apart by Horses. The review was written by Jonny Mawson in 2011.

Everybody's favourite post hardcore band with an equine torture based name continue their amazing rise with single 'Yeah Buddy', which even saw them get a session in the Live Lounge on BBC Radio 1.

The song at first seems fairly restrained beast compared to what Horses fans are used to, with guitar parts that are hardly distorted and light drums; however the usual humorous vocals are involved as fans have become used to. When the song leads into the chorus you see that it is business as usually for the Leeds quartet, with heavy guitar and drum lines and screaming in the way that only Tom Hudson does. The song then leads into an outro of pure heaviness, with what is probably the bands heaviest moment yet, and then ends abruptly with no warning, there isn't even time to stop moshing.

The B-side 'Soft Handed Punk' is an unpredictable mountain of riff, clearly heavily influenced by 1980s American hardcore punk, with quick sections leading into another without any warning, in my opinion it is one of Horses best tracks, and I don't see why it wasn't included on the album, as soon as the song starts it ends, and it ends with a heavy amount of feedback, just for good measure.

In my opinion everybody should own this single, and if you listen to it and don't like it, then listen to it again, and again, until you do, as undoubtedly you will like it sooner or later.