This is a review of "Take The Long Road And Walk It" recorded by The Music. The review was written by Dan Pullinger in 2002.

Avid followers of The Music will be more than a little familiar with the latest offering from Leeds' biggest buzz band of the moment. Take The Long Road and Walk It is a re-recording of their debut single, which was originally released on Fierce Panda back in May 2001. This revamped version is intended to serve as a taster for The Music's long-awaited debut album, which is set for release on September 2, and its Led Zeppelin-inspired wall of guitar riffs promises much excitement ahead. Slower-paced B-side Alone sees The Music in more contemplative mood, but with no lessening in the dramatic impact as Robert Harvey makes the most of the opportunity to show off his impressive vocal range. The brooding atmospherics of third track Raindance, meanwhile, combine well with Harvey's impassioned pleading and demonstrate the input of producer Jim Abbiss, who has previously worked with the likes of Bjork and DJ Shadow. There's little doubt that The Music have set off at a blistering pace as they journey down the long road to commercial success, and this release could well see them propelled ever more quickly onward.