This is a review of "Wishing Well" recorded by Daniel Pearson. The review was written by Stacey Loren in 2011.

Daniel Pearson's latest offering of 'Wishing Well' promises to be something of a departure from the country-tinged sound of his debut album 'Satellites'. He's a man of his word. That being said, the song's opening thirty seconds didn't convince me of this. With an atmospheric guitar and vocal introduction somehow simultaneously reminiscent of both Springsteen and Ryan Adams, I think I'm in for something steady and uncomplicated, but not exactly grab-you-by-the-throat either. It didn't quite turn out like that. Okay, so it's a grower rather than a grabber, but then you don't want punching in the face by every song you hear, do you? Instead, the modest opening lays foundations that swell reassuringly to a rather unexpected anthemic finish, with gospel vocals to boot. It's difficult not to feel stirred by the melodically layered call to arms of the final chorus: 'get busy living.' You won't know how it happened, but you'll feel much, much better after you've listened to it. Buy it. Soul-nourishing stuff.