This is a review of "On The Road (Norman's Wisdom)" recorded by The Passing Fancy. The review was written by Pippa Southern in 2011.

One man and his acoustic guitar!

The two tracks on the single disc are the sort that would make you want to frolic through a meadow of flowers, wearing sandals and a tie dye headband. Track 1 - 'On The Road (Norman's Wisdom)' is a cheery, summery song to lift the spirits on a chilly March morning.

Track 2's lyrics ('Tears At Closing Time') tell of the struggle to pull a lady in a bar full of 'builder blokes' and are accompanied by a somewhat beautiful piano/violin/guitar medley. These stories of love and loss are told with such charm that it's impossible not to enjoy them and listen with a smile on your face. Guitar, harmonica, violin, whistles and snaps - you definitely won't get bored listening to The Passing Fancy.