This is an archive of the band profile for Being A Tiger.

Since first jamming in 2010, Being A Tiger have cemented a line up consisting of a solid three piece that plays a dynamically shifting take on alternative rock. They have refined their sound through the yeas by playing across the U.K. and these travels have obviously given them the repertoire to impress. With energy coursing through their grunge like wall of sound, they surge through sets with a ferocity that invokes reactions from crowds and demands attention. However, simply being loud appears to be dull to the Being A Tiger collective and so they push and pull their sets by interleaving moments of raw sparseness which allows for the crowds to collect themselves before raising them again.

Being A Tiger so far have only released two E.P.'s which, true to the DIY bands that clearly influence them, are self produced and distributed. Their first E.P. "Not Being A Tiger is Sh*t" (2013) demonstrated early on that they can thrash out a set of songs that sound natural and driven whereas their second E.P. "Done In Three Days" (2015) displayed how raw their sound can be. Recently, Being A Tiger have found new aspirations with news that at least two new tracks will be released in 2016 and these are promised to have a production that best represents the band.

This activity can only mean that Being A Tiger are hungry again to be on the music scene. Never afraid to be themselves, they are a truly unique powerful trio..