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At its most powerful, music transcends barriers, uniting people who on the surface may seem to have little in common, but find common ground within music. This is where Antmysta, a solo hip hop artist from Leeds, England steps in to help the process along with his thought provoking lyrics and addictive personality. Antmysta started his career back in 2003 writing songs within his bedroom but never having the equipment to produce work that he would be proud of. But after completing his 1st unreleased album, in early 2003, he has never looked back and has continued to further his knowledge and understanding of the hip hop genre.

Antmysta grew up on a council estate on the outskirts of Leeds and he uses his personal experiences and his emotions to write the lyrics that you hear in his songs today. During the early stages of his career Antmysta found it hard to get his voice and the flow that he wanted. But after loads of hard work and time he has now found his own unique voice and style..