This is an archive of the band profile for Morain.

Hailing from Wakefield, England, Morain were formed at college in early 2009 by four lifelong friends; Wil Frost (Vocals, Guitar), Sam Humble (Bass), Jim Allard (Guitar) and Jamie Matax (Drums).

Inspired by bands as diverse as Brand New, The Smiths, Minus The Bear and Taking Back Sunday, Morain are on a simple mission. As Wil says, "We are all best friends, and we play music because it's what we love to do. We just want to play the best shows, write the best songs, and make the best music we possibly can."

And they're obviously succeeding. Whilst learning their trade in the local venues that launched The Cribs, the band have rapidly built a loyal and burgeoning fanbase. On the back of a series of incendiary live shows, and an ability to deliver songs of a quality that far more established mainstream artists would kill for, Morain signed to Brightblack Records in Summer 2010.

Working closely with producer Roni Spzakowski, the band's creativity and song writing has been heightened even further. And now the first fruits of this partnership are ready to be unleashed.

From the insanely catchy debut single 'Animals' to the soaring epic 'Are We Lost?', this is a band who - in the best tradition of classic British guitar music - effortlessly deal in anthems. And, scarily, this is only the beginning.

This is Morain..