This article was published in 2003.

Leeds guitar rock band Xi - known for casting more than a passing nod in the direction of Metal and Goth - have been invited to support Spear of Destiny at Scarborough's shortly-to-open venue The Kazbah on Sunday March 30th.

With eleven out of fifteen possible dates on Xi's Easter tour now confirmed - including a show at The Kazbah - the band have been contacted by the venue's promoters and asked to take the Spear support as well, even though it is less than two weeks before their tour date.

Xi manager Steve Kind of Panama Promotions said:

"No Code Promotions rang me out of the blue this week to say they'd been listening to demo tracks and thought Xi would be ideal for the Spear of Destiny support. I pointed out that we were due to play The Kazbah only two weeks later, but they said that wasn't a problem. It's not the sort of offer you can refuse!"

The band are hoping to organise a ticket-and-travel deal for Leeds fans of Spear of Destiny and Xi - and as a bonus may offer free admission to the Xi tour launch gig headlined by Her Alibi at the Royal Park Cellars to everyone who buys a ticket for the Scarborough gig from them.

Once the support slot is out of the way, Xi launch their tour proper with a gig at the Royal Park Cellars on Thursday 10th April headlined by Her Alibi.