This is a review of "Only in Your Glory" recorded by Andy Clare. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2002.

Andy Clare follows his three track demo with a consistently well tempered 6 track mini album "Only in Your Glory". Email the lad for details. Go up to Richmond in North Yorkshire for the festival and see him with Lunar Camels.

The song writing here is relaxed and convincing. Andy has a knack of combining sweet guitar riffs with chunky rhythms and well balanced tunes. The overall sound is retro, but it's no phoney baloney. It's modestly accomplished and full of honest integrity. It puts me in a right good mood.

The high points are the guitar licks and the perfect intros. "better for you now" comes in with a great opening and that magic Rickenbacker noise. It reminds me of an old Don Henley thing called "Boys of Summer". Next on, "long way back home" has a mandolin sound and more than a hint of Irish master craftsman Paul Brady. I guess it would be great drive time programming (whatever that means). Production values are high. The overall sound is good. Those kids who have learned to hold two middle fingers down while leaving the others straight (cool trick, or what?) will not see the point. So no surprises there.

The New Roscoe and the Grove would be Andy Clare's natural haunts. Venues where musical intonation has more credibility than face pulling.