This is an archive of the band profile for The Latter Day Saints.

Against the tide of American imports and the latest reality TV star having their fifteen minutes of fame over-running British music, step forward The Latter Day Saints.
The Halifax based band are made up of a strong yet intricate Rhythm Department containing drummer James Stewart and bassist Veryan Brooksby, that allow lead guitarist Paul 'Boo' Williams to unleash his unique melodic guitar riffs that complete the unmistakable sound of the Latter Day Saints. However, the audience's attention is captured by frontman Arron Sutcliffe who produces a variety of vocal performances throughout the band's eclectic set. Brooksby and Williams provide the majority of the band's catalogue of songs, with Sutcliffe making strong contributions. Their styles are refreshingly different to each other, but the finished songs are unmistakably Latter Day Saints. The Saints' music has drawn loose comparisons to The Music, The Verve and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, however they are not looking to be pigeon holed. This isn't re-inventing the wheel. This is the Latter Day Saints.

Lately, the Saints have been playing all over Halifax, Leeds, Liverpool, and London over 2011, with notable dates at Alan McGee's Greasy Lips Night in Brixton where the Saints put in a well-received performance which resulted in them being invited back when McGee ventured to Leeds for the next leg of the Greasy Lips tour. An equally resounding set saw the Saints steal the night once again. The band return to the studio in September, to produce an two-track EP with Sugarhouse Music in Wigan.


"A great band on the verge of being a brilliant band"
- Alan McGee (Formerly of Creation Records / manager of Oasis, The Libertines and Primal Scream

"Great band"
- Proud Mary (City of Angel Records).