This is an archive of the band profile for Carbon Party.

Amy Reddington - Vocals
Ingi Hughes - Vocals/Guitar
Jamie O'Neill - Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Connor McDermott - Guitar/Vocals
Sam Kelly - Percussion

We started as Ingi & Jamie, two young musicians from sunny Yorkshire having fun playing music. It all started one day when Jamie broke his finger and was forced to surrender his solo acoustic gig to Ingi, another solo acoustic guitarist. However, when the doctor gave the all-clear earlier than expected, Jamie asked if he could have a piece of the action, so he helped Ingi play to a fantastic crowd of Primrose Pub people. Then, one fateful summer, it all erupted when we met Karla and Sammy at a summer event, and from then on, it all blew up. Connor joined the band later, and here we are..