This article was published in 2011.

'My Favourite Obsession' is the second single to be released from Leeds duo Secret Sirens. Loosely based on the story of a Facebook stalker Narelle had encounters with, it tells the tale of a girl who is unhealthily obsessed with a particular individual.

"I wanted to get inside the head of a celebrity stalker when I wrote the song, however wanted to take it to more of an extreme level than the 'stalker' that I know!" explains Narelle Frances.

The track features Andy and Narelle playing all the instruments between them and was produced at The Soundmill Studios, Leeds with Ed Heaton and Si McGrath. You can expect plenty of heavy guitars, classical and disjointed piano, pounding drums and massive vocals, which create this quirky take on a stalkers mind-set.

A suitable music video has been created by the pair, which features some toy doll versions of Narelle and Andy along with a doll version of 'the stalker'. You can watch the video below:

'My Favourite Obsession' is released on 6th June 2011 and will be available to download on iTunes and all other good online retailers. To celebrate the release, Secret Sirens are playing a single launch gig on Friday 3rd June at 360 Club at The Library in Leeds.