This article was published in 2011.

Stunted Records have released 'residual hum from a parallel universe' by SomewhereNotHere, the solo project from ex FULC guitarist Rik Clay.

With an experimental electronic vibe not dissimilar to a latter day "Low" era Bowie, the tracks on this album were born in 2006 and are being released now, two and a half years after Rik's sad death in 2008.

An album of two halves, the first CD being "Memorial", a collection of tracks that Rik recorded as part of his SomewhereNotHere project, the second CD being "Tribute", which sees vocal collaborations on Rik's work by Owen Brinley (Colour of Fire / Grammatics), Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines / Sisters of Mercy) and Michelle Richfield (Sear / Anathema) as well as tribute tracks specifically recorded for the project by Martin Grech, Vessels and Fiction and the Fear (Rik's former band mates from Ten Seconds of Chaos).

The double album digipak is rounded off by a couple of rare FULC recordings and three videos on the enhanced "Tribute" CD.

A musical snapshot, that barely scratches the surface of where Rik was taking his music with SomewhereNotHere, this album forms a portable memorial for anyone who wants to delve into the music of this enigmatic character.

"residual hum from a parallel universe" by SomewhereNotHere was released on digital download format on Monday 23rd May 2011, and will be available physically in double album digipak format on Monday 13th June 2011.