This article was published in 2003.

Leeds Stop The War Coalition has put together a compilation of music by local artists called Pockets Of Resistance, 19 tracks of really fine tracks by the cream of Leeds bands.

A full list of all involved are (in order of appearance): The Scaramanga Six, Being 747, The Bilderberg Group, Carl Puttnam Vs Alaric Neville, Rudolph Rocker, Joe Ninety, Coburn, Stuffy & The Fuses, Chumbawamba, Lorimer, Pop Threat, Percy, The Ukranians, Hood, MJ McCarthy, Lazerboy, Galitza, Steer and Boy Guevara.

Lewis from The Bilderberg Group said, "Standout tracks for me are Chumbawamba with a stunning a cappella version of what I believe is a First World War tune, and Stuffy & The Fuses - who I've never even heard of before - with a steaming tune called 'I Can See Yr Machine'".

The CD will soon be available from Jumbo Records, Polar Bear and The CD Centre in Leeds City Centre, and online from Norman Records. It costs £8, with proceeds going to the Stop The War Coalition.