This article was published in 2011.

Kaiser Chiefs have today unveiled a unique idea allowing their music fans to create and personalise their version of Kaiser Chiefs album 'The Future Is Medieval' ... and then sell it.

As the band explain, the concept is simple: "The Future Is Medieval isn't a CD. It's digital. And no two copies are the same because each one is made by a different person."

The band have produced a website allowing their fans to listen to 20 new songs from which they can pick any 10 for their album. Then it's onto the task of deciding the running order and designing the album cover.

The fan is in complete control to create a truly unique and personal album.

Once it's all finished, the album can be downloaded for £7.50.

And here comes the next twist... you can also sell copies of your album to your friends and family and get £1 for each one sold. So if you sell 8 or more copies of your personalised Kaiser Chiefs album, you'll get your album and make a profit too.

The fan who sells the most albums by Monday will win a set dedication and 2 tickets to the band's Isle of Wight gig on June 10th.

If you don't want to bother creating your own version, you can still choose the conventional route: visit the site, listen to the tracks online and download any of the albums on offer.

You can start making your album here or watch a video below explaining the concept: