This is an archive of the band profile for Below Zero.

Callum Macintyre - Lead Vocals
Adam Murray - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joe Chilstone-Vause - Bass
Tom Moore - Drums

Below Zero, the newest addition to Yorkshires Live Rock bands. The band play a huge variety of music, the kind that's raw sounding and heartfelt. We are a band that is best seen live, as you feel the music rather than just listen, because of the simple fact that we are a 'live' band... not a jukebox! What you see is NOT what you get with us; you may be pleasantly surprised! We diverge with other rock bands but converge with the same crowd. We love to get that head nodding sound wherever we play, we love to get the crowd involved, and we love to get that crowd laughing with a bit of banter whilst still playing great music! Overall, we can assure you that, seeing us live, you WILL love it and you WILL want to come and see us again! We'll make sure of it....