This article was published in 2011.

Dandelion Radio, the internet radio station that keeps alive the spirit of John Peel, is celebrating its fifth birthday with a free exclusive release of favourite bands of the last five years - and artists from the Leeds area are well-represented.

The station was formed five years ago to fill the gap in discovering new music left by the late John Peel's radio show. In true Peel style, the compilation features a fascinating range of styles, reflected in Alisia Casper's fragile but evocative songwriting, The Horn The Hunt's perky electropop and a noisy barrage from The Truth About Frank, all artists from the Leeds area who demonstrate the culture of variety and innovation so prevalent in the city's music scene.

"We were looking for a way both to celebrate the last five years and say a big thank you to all the bands and listeners who've been a part of Dandelion Radio during that time," says Dandelion DJ Mark Whitby.

"The best way to do this was to involve a selection of those artists in putting together a really top class compilation album and then giving it away to listeners for free. I'm really pleased with the selection of bands we've got on there, covering a wide spectrum from bands who've got their first airplay with Dandelion through to artists I first heard and loved on the John Peel show."

To join the anniversary celebrations, go to the page on and download both volumes and help pay tribute to the radio station that's kept the John Peel banner flying more successfully than anyone could have hoped.

You can listen to the special series of anniversary shows streaming at throughout the month of June.