This is an archive of the band profile for Sentimentalists.

Wakefield, 1982. An unfashionable town in an unfashionable year. Joe had words, Phil had tunes and they formed The Bland Brothers. Shortly afterwards Phil left for London, the band were no more but the song-writing continued for 25 years until Joe decided he no longer wanted to be represented by his dark, funny words and sold them to Phil for 10p.

Phil, now back in Yorkshire and looking for a return on his 10p investment, characterised the songs with melancholia, irony and humour. He looked for the best musicians he could find and remarkably attracted classical pianist Daniel Bath, jazz-metal guitarist Graham Young and the rhythm section from Souled Out: Tony Simms on bass and Dan Hudson on drums.

Standing for lyricism, lovely music, and character, Sentimentalists represent a safe and strange world; mistrustful of the future, railing against the present, bitter about the past but misguidedly finding comfort there.

"We're not trying to sound like anyone else, our biggest influence is living in the north of England, trying to conform but always being on the outside; not quite accepted; not entitled. Musically we're influenced by anyone who can, in a pretty way, convey sadness and gentle defiance through music." says front-man Phil.

Their debut single "Tobacco" is out now on Sound Shack records.
The beautiful track "Northern Soul" is available at all download sites from September 1st 2011..