This is an archive of the band profile for Panic.

Formerly known as Don't Panic Dear, Panic was created in 2010 as the creation of vocalist/ multi- instrumentalist Katrina Sophia after experimenting from a young age with music and songs. Taking an influence from a variety of tastes, Panic combines guitar driven melodies with intricate drum patterns and sultry vocals, against a backdrop of big bass and distinctive synths. Having an admitted love of artists such as cabaret Voltaire and Metronomy, Katrina often plays around with recorded sounds and techniques, to create tailor-made sounds which play off guitar inspirations from bands varying from Arcade-Fire to Test Icicles. A taste for heavy and experimental percussion gives the backbone to the majority of Panic's Songs, whilst a strong love of pop brings a sense of fun against the melancholic lyrics and messages within them. So far Panic has been labelled as 'cross-over' and decidedly hard to pigeonhole into a group. Comparisons from 90's dance to Sophie Ellis Bextor and The Black Ghosts, has given her recognition and interest in her home-town of Leeds. Panic is currently working on new songs..