This is an archive of the band profile for The Calls (2010).

The Calls, are a 5 piece indie/rock band born in late 2010 with all band members currently residing in various points around the vibrant Leeds music scene. The band were formerly known as either Calls Landing (till it was stolen from us....ish!) and also Leodis in Flux (until we decided that was...... rubbish!). The band were originally formed by lead guitarist Michael Tinker and rhythm guitarist Mark Howes in 2009 after meeting at work in the Alea Casinos at Clarence Dock, Leeds, and sharing their love for all things music and stuff! After deciding to "play some things together" Michael invited two of his old friends and previous band mates from his younger days James Linley and Robert Perry to join their get together on drums and rhythm guitar respectively (Mark was playing the bass at this point), and the original line-up formed for a few get togethers and some jamming to see if anything would come of it.

With Michael being a precocious and consistent penner of songs the original line-up started learning some original material along with a variety of covers and quickly established themselves as band with potential. As the quick transition came from a 'get together and have a laugh' stage to a 'lets take this where it goes' stage a few transitions occurred. Robert made the decision to concentrate on life outside of the band and this left a wide hole for any band would struggle with trying to develop their sound without a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. The solution.......Michael and Mark recruited another Alea employee Liam Kennedy to join the band as bassist and Mark recruited his long time friend from his younger days Ben Smith on lead vocal. The revised line-up began practicing together in mid 2010 and with more focus on new material decided to play a test gig at where else than........Alea Casino.

The first live gig supported by Diego Snail and the Shakinouts was a huge success and playing to a big crowd for the first time the band quickly established an appetite and desire for more live shows along with more importantly getting a great reception from the crowd. Before any further momentum was built the final change in the band happened as bassist Liam Kennedy stepped aside to concentrate on having a little one leaving a slot for Danny Cox "Irish" to step in and form The Calls line-up in late 2010.

The band started to build momentum by playing a variety of open-mic nights, further gigs at Alea and the New Roscoe along with practicing and writing new material. The Calls recorded their first demo in April 2011 to use as a springboard for the band to develop their reputation as an all out rock and roll band bringing a driving live sound to their audiences. The Calls bring a wide variety of influences to their original material from the heavier metal influences of rhythm guitarist Mark Howes through the subtler and soulful influences of lead vocalist Ben Smith and bassist Danny Cox to the eclectic indie inspired influences of lead guitarist and song writer Michael Tinker right through to the hip hop influence of drummer James Linley.

The band simply want to play great Rock music and invite anyone and all to come and experience The Calls at first hand... check the gig section of the website for more details and hopefully see you at The Calls show soon....