This article was published in 2011.

One minute and six seconds isn't a lot of time. There isn't much you can do with one minute and six seconds... unless, of course you happen to be Insect Guide.

Following on from their exceptional 2nd album, Dark Days And Nights, Insect Guide once again take another musical step forward. They switch off the fuzz pedals for a minute (and 6 seconds) and deliver one of the catchiest, poppiest tracks they've recorded so far - 'Reason To Exist' - guaranteed to bury itself deep inside your synapses and get you scuffing your dirty boots on the dancefloor.

Few bands have enough skills with a brilliant pop melody to get their point across with such brevity, but Insect Guide are happy to deliver a super fast sonic punch to the senses which will leave you immediately wanting to experience it again. And again. With a new album in the works this band continue to simply get better and better. You want pure pop with a dark twist? You've got it.

All 66 seconds of 'Reason To Exist' can be downloaded now from for 66p.