This is an archive of the band profile for Simple Abhoration.

David Field: Vocals
Jordan Moussavi: Bass and backing vocals
Sam Denning: Guitar and backing vocals
Jake Fox: Drums

From their conception in 2009 the bands direction has changed significantly, playing venues such as Centenary Square to the Alhambra. The band boasts rough instrumentation with melodic vocal patterns to create a flurried contrast of fast beats and heavy low end riffs, only to surprise the listener with tempo changes and slow driving rhythms that help add to the lyrical themes of hope and breaking through tough times.

Simple Abhoration are a promising new band, who have ambitions of making it big, and surprising their listener with their diverse and unique sound.

Music is the one thing that matters to us. Music can't be oppressed, for we keep it in our heads and our hearts. Don't fall victim to what society wants you to think and do, you're your own person don't let that change. Keep it real..