This article was published in 2003.

For the fourth year running Anonymous Groove is organising its annual live music weekend extravaganza, but this year with a distinct difference. Anonymous Groove has teamed up with the Acoustic Revolution (Dr Wu¹s), the Launchpad (Bar Roc) and Mute Release (Carpe Diem) to create a new collective of Leeds¹s dedicated live music promoters.

Working under the title of ONAME¹, this new group of promoters plan on growing and incorporating more people into their committee over the coming 12 months, but initially are looking at pooling there efforts into this tried and tested live music festival.

Hosting a band on the hour every hour for three days in 3/4 venues around the city centre of Leeds, Music Live weekend offers hundreds of acts the chance to play to new audiences, and allows the general public to witness the shear amount of musical talent found on their own doorstep. The event also offers acts from other city¹s the chance to come and perform to a Leeds audience and make their own contacts for future gigs and possible gig exchanges. Over the previous 4 years, this festival has formed many strong links with musicians and promoters from around Leeds and other cities, helping to rebuild and strengthen the live music circuits of the UK.

This years festival will, as previously, offer a wide selection of musical genres in each venue throughout the day, but there will be 2/3 dedicated evening events each night which will be split into categories of rock/metal/punk, funk/jazz/latin and acoustic acts to offer more focussed evening events.

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