This is a review of "Cyvoid" recorded by Cyvoid. The review was written by Sam Woodgate in 2011.

The phrase 'Short Sharp Shock' could have been invented with Cyvoid in mind. This, their latest effort, features 7 bursts of thrash-flavoured hardcore, all of which waste no time in delivering their high-speed metal assault, and the EP instantly establishes itself with the jagged instrumental opener, 'Revok'. This opening statement gives an audience a decent idea of what is in store for them, and this EP is a quality blast of white-knuckle hardcore which is akin to Gama Bomb and The Bronx fighting outside their local.

The band sound almost exactly as you would expect them to, bearing in mind the fact that the members all feature in different bands as their day job (Antares, The Plight, End To Empires and formerly Send More Paramedics). This Frankenstein's Monster of hardcore, progressive and thrash works surprisingly well, and plays far more smoothly than you might have anticipated. If Motorhead had played thrash and hardcore, not metal and punk, then I'd be able to give you a clearer comparison, but for now I'll just compare them to Municipal Waste in terms of their sound. Simply put, if you're searching for a high-speed blast of crossover thrash then look no further.

This record is not without some minor faults, however. Although the elements going into the sound may be varied, the output tends to follow along the same lines. This doesn't detract from the band's appeal for fans of hardcore or thrash, but it might act against them should they look to expand their fanbase in the future. Also, if you're looking for shiny production and superb sound quality then it goes without saying that you're in the wrong place. Again, this doesn't really hinder the band- indeed, a slick production job would rob the band of some of their credentials- but for those who prefer their music with a studio-fresh sound, you might want to steer clear of this one.

In summary, Cyvoid's latest release is a no holds-barred thrashcore (is that even a word?) barrage, sure to raise a smile and open up pits in fantastic style. Cyvoid's rough edges also add character to the band, and if you find yourself complaining about the fact that it sounds like it was recorded in a shed, then you're missing out on the bigger picture; simply put, this effort is fast and fun. Blink and you'll miss it; I advise you keep your eyes peeled for this one.