This article was published in 2003.

Action Directe, Leeds' industrial beat architects, commiecore commandos, and yob-goth conquistadors are set to launch the next phase of their plan to corrupt the hearts and minds of our brave European youth, with the release of a new double-AA sided CD single - their first since the critically acclaimed Bloc Rocking Beats EP in April 2002.

Oktober / Compatriot Games (OKTCD006) will be released on Oktober Productions on Monday 26th May. Aside from the title tracks, the single will also feature four remixes by Synthetic, Arkam Asylum, Libitina and Audio War.

It will retail for £3.99 and will be available from Music-Non-Stop mail order, Oktober Productions online and local retailers nationwide - contact Oktober Productions by email on OKTOBERPRODUCTIONS@YAHOO.COM or by phone on 0113 2946679 for further details.

The single is a taster for the bands' forthcoming second full-length album, Counterculture (OKTCD007), which has an estimated time of arrival of late July / early August, a release that will truly fulfil the bands potential. Action Directe's new material, which has been a long time coming, manages to skilfully combine electronic steel with humanist passion; the songs demonstrate both the burning, dissatisfied vitriol of the bands' hallmark cyber-punk assault with a more developed electronic approach and a more subtle melodic guile.