This article was published in 2003.

Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Mean Fiddler Music Group, has today announced that the Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival will be moved to Bramham Park.

A licence was granted for both Bramham Park and Temple Newsam Park earlier this week. After listening to the deliberation over the two days of application and re-assessing the access routes of both sites as well as the long term future of the event, it is felt that a new site would benefit the event this year and for the future. Comments made by the Chairman of the Licensing Panel of Leeds City Council about moving the campsite a little further away from the residents of Colton as well as his comments made on regional TV last night appeared to support that and have brought significant influence on the decision.

Commenting, Mr Benn said, "I asked for 24 hours to consider the options as well as consider the thoughts of those close to or having an influence on the event. There is an assured future for the use of the land at Bramham that the investment in infastructure justifies, it offers the most beautiful of locations, is owned and managed by people aware of the difficulties the event has had, but committed to help eradicating them, is slightly further removed from local residents and is in Leeds. The commitment that the Council clearly have towards ensuring that events of this nature are provided for the young people of Leeds in Leeds and for the recognition of the economic and cultural benefits it brings, gives me great heart for the future and the Chairman of the Licensing Panel’s comments about Bramham have very much sealed it for me.

I am very much looking forward to a fantastic event now."