This is a review of "Lord & Lady Muck" recorded by Little Big Men. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

A simplistic, but well presented three-track demo package from Little Big Men, this is a CD I've particularly enjoyed listening to over the past few days. Almost a lost art, there's a very subjective intelligence in their song writing, which has resulted in a bouncy, poppy, guitar-based CD.

Overall, the guitars are generally clean with distortion during the choruses - it's not dirty distortion however, more an MOR rock sound: imagine somewhere in between the early Stereophonics' material and their later clean or acoustic driven tracks - i.e. it doesn't kick off at all, but is certainly not bland or schmindie. For a local comparison, see Instant Species. The vocals possess a roughness that immediately makes them stand out from the crowd, with some well delivered harmonies and backing vocals to add.

"Lord & Lady Muck" is the opening track and probably my favourite; it's a single in its own right, though "Could Be An Alien" is not that far behind. "All You Can Eat" is a happy, fun track that deserves its place on the CD, but is rightly placed at the end.

The only downside with this demo CD, if I have to find one, is that the song delivery and structure is pretty similar throughout all songs - whilst this means I don't need to describe the CD track-by-track, it does lead to the question of diversity. Still - this is good enough for me to want to find out what else they can do - I heard they deliver well live too.

Finally, its pretty obvious they play a radio-friendly guitar pop sound, but just in case you didn't know they tell you: "All you can eat, if I don't stop, I think I'm gonna pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop... ". Ok, so the subject matter was different, but hey...