This article was published in 2011.

Vexihomp - the follow up to the supercharged Badchild Farsight EP - will be released on September 12th. Volcanoes previous EPs have been getting better and better reviews and the band are hoping this one is going to be meteoric. Two of the six songs have been written by lead guitarist Kevin Shirley who is really beginning to shine as a song writer. Three tracks from Badchild Farsight EP had spins on BBC6 and the signs are already good for Vexihomp. Hopefully this will be the record that etches out a name for the band.

For the first time Volcanoes will be releasing the EP from their own website on a Free or Pay basis. The band just wants folk to get hold of their music and don't really want to pay iTunes a % for the pleasure. Any monies made will be greatly appreciated and be spent 100% on the bands progress and future projects.

Follows of the band will be pleased to see they have yet again adorned their CD cover with some badass artwork.